From Nautilus Book Award:

Your book has been selected as a 2018 Nautilus Award Winner.

Title:  My Father’s Gift: How One Man’s Purpose Became a Journey of Hope and Healing

Author:  Sixtus Z. Atabong

Publisher:  Koehler Books

Award:    GOLD

Category:    Heroic Journeys 

We are deeply glad to welcome you to the honored and respected group of Nautilus Book Award Winners. You can be justly proud of your book’s selection as an Award Winner in the 2018 Nautilus season, which brought a marvelous number of entries and a magnificent diversity of high-quality books…

You have written &/or published a book that carries a potent message – whether in text or photos – and we are grateful for the chance to help promote and celebrate your book by making it visible as a Nautilus Award Winner. We hold the intention with you that your book will find much recognition and success with this significant award.

On behalf of all the Nautilus reviewers, judges, staff, and volunteers, thank you.. May your book’s message bring hope, wisdom, healing, and joy to many people. We are proud that your book’s journey as a Nautilus Winner will contribute to Better Books for a Better World.

With warm regards,

The Nautilus Book Awards team www.

Previous winners of the Nautilus Award include: His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama, Desmund Tutu, Deepak Chopra MD, Julia Cameron, Charles Prince of Wales…

From IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards:

Congratulations on winning a gold award in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award™ program for excellence in independent publishing!

Book Title: My Father’s Gift

Award: GOLD

Category: Inspirational