Early Praise for My Father’s Gift

“As the world becomes smaller, stories like Sixtus’ remind us of the awesome opportunities and responsibilities that come with the ever-shrinking world.  Read this and be moved.  You will be a better person ready to do great things for God.” – Mark Lanier, lawyer and author of Christianity on Trial and Psalms for Living

“What a story. Compelling.  I am not much of a reader, but this book grabbed me like few others. This book is truly inspiring, with many life lessons for us all. Please read, digest, and then employ the lessons learned.” – Edward C. Benzel, MD, Emeritus Chairman of Neurosurgery, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

“A story that brought joy to my heart! An adventure that continues. An inspiration.” – Clarke E. Cochran, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Texas Tech University. Author of Religion in Public and Private Life

“This is an amazing story by an amazing man. His father gave him many gifts, especially that of a servant’s heart and acknowledgment of the Divine intervention that lead him to accomplish so many things at this point in his life. Sixtus is a man of great character and a devout Christian. This story is not yet complete. I look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in the coming decades.” – Dr. Duncan Burkholder, MD, Chief Medical Officer-Grace Health System

“Meeting Sixtus in person is a testament to recognizing the definition of ‘force of will’. Reading his personal and family history allows all of us the opportunity to recognize the origins of that force; the sacrifice and faith that have allowed him to become an inspiration to so many in west Texas and around the world. In a time of division, his human warmth and accomplishments on page after page are beyond inspiring! Read this, feel how it stirs your soul, and challenge yourself to help others in this way!” – Bryan Mudd, News Anchor, KAMC-TV, Lubbock Texas

“After experiencing a mission trip first hand with Sixtus, this book perfectly portrays his journey and his mission! There’s nothing more fulfilling and encouraging than learning about the obstacles that Sixtus overcame to achieve not only his dreams, but his father’s dreams! This is one of the most inspiring and fulfilling books offering an abundance of wisdom and inspiration!” – Hana Qubti, Purpose Medical Mission volunteer

“An incredible heart wrenching and heart-warming story.  A lesson in integrity, tenacity, hope, faith, charity and love.  And a powerful reminder that God is the Father who is guiding all of our lives.” – Dr. Emily Deeb, MD, Purpose Medical Mission Volunteer

Sixtus takes you on a heartfelt journey filled with love, heartache, adventure, failure, triumph, joy, and ultimately complete fulfillment by living his God given purpose and calling. He is the embodiment of “being the change you want to see in this world”. This book will inspire you to love more, live more and serve more”. It is a must –read for all PAs!”  – Linda C. Delaney, MPAS, PAC, Past President of the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants, Past Director At Large of the American Academy of Physician Assistants

My Father’s Gift is the story of the profound impact of a father’s sacrificial love on his son’s life, and the lives of many others. Starting with the privations of a primitive life in Cameroon, Africa, and ending with a quintessentially American success story, Sixtus relates a terrible, wonderful tale. His success, given his beginnings, seems unlikely, but underneath all is a tremendous drive, born of equal parts desperation and gratitude. This is a real-life story you will not want to miss. A testament of the human spirit, and of God’s ever-present, directing hand in the life of a young boy, which later has significant reverberations for the health and well-being of countless lives across continents.” – Katherine Lincoln, Associate Professor, Tarleton State University

“My Father’s Gift depicts a vivid illustration of a humble beginning of a young man from a noble background to pursue his very best in personal identity through an incredible and uplifting journey that cumulates in love and service in his career and lifestyle. Sixtus’ intricate story will uplift and edify any reader with a rewarding experience. A brilliant and fantastic piece of work for all to read and discover how the affluence of family can be a life changer for self and others.” – Margaret K. Mbeseha, Ph.D., Special Education Consultant, Nwankem Benevolent Foundation Inc.

“This is an important book and deserves to be read and shared and gifted.   Mr. Atabong, and his father through him, tell the story of how the blessing of the Father is the seed that bears much fruit.  Out of the most unlikely place, a village in Cameroon, Atabong’s story becomes our story and his passion for the human family has taken root in the most unlikely of places, West Texas.” – Tom Stanton, General Counsel and Vice President-Texas Methodist Foundation, DirectorCongo Projects for Relief, Volunteer in mission to DR Congo for 13 years

My Father’s Gift is a story of faith and passion.  Moving. Sixtus’ story inspires all to serve.” – Dan Pope, Mayor – Lubbock, Texas

“This book clearly defines what it means to be a leader in your profession. It’s not about a title, or status, or money, or power.  It’s about serving others, having a vision, never giving up, being confident and humble at the same time, and having the courage and determination to a make positive difference in your community.  Every PA, PA student and pre-PA should ready this book.” – Linda C. Delaney, MPAS, PA-C, Past President of the Texas Academy of PAs, Past Director at Large of the American Academy of PAs

“This is a beautiful story about a family being each other’s keeper and acting on the father’s request that they give back to others.” – Obie L. Stalcup, MD, Chief of Urology, Grace Clinic

“From Cameroon to Lubbock, Sixtus Atabong “Dreamed No Little Dreams” and made them come true through hard work and perseverance. Now, through his work as a physician assistant and as the founder of Purpose Medical Mission, Atabong is paying it forward in West Texas and across the world. What an amazing life.” Kent Hance, Former Chancellor of the Texas Tech University System, Former U.S Representative for Texas 19th District

“Sixtus is a man of purpose and conviction who loves God and has a passion for serving others.  He is a dear friend and someone who inspires me to be more and do more to make the world a better place.”  – U.S Congressman Jodey Arrington , 19th District of Texas

“Sixtus has been able to apply the leadership skills that were instilled in him by parents, teachers and mentors to give back to his community in Cameroon, Lubbock, and the needy in Central America. This book is an inspiration to all immigrants in the diaspora.” – Ekokobe Fonkem, DO, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Baylor Scott & White HealthCare and Texas A& M University, CEO of Healing Beyond Our Horizon

“Sixtus’s story is an engaging, intimate, inspiring and very personal account of  one man’s challenges  coupled with his sheer determination to give back to his community in return for the sacrifices made by his tenacious father which afforded him the opportunity to become a health care provider.  Sixtus defines what it means  to be a true servant leader and he pays homage to the foundation of the Physician Assistant oath by serving and caring for others.” – James E. Delaney, PA-C, Past President of the American Academy of PAs, Past President of the California Academy of PAs